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So we have a huge backlog of knowledge to share as we are working on creating a digital app that makes the useful aspects of our journal more easily or widely accessible, but this article is too good not to share and gets to jump the queue:

A new World Economic Forum Article and the original academic article it cites support our theory that drawing your state of mind or self-perceived physical state is a crucial missing piece in your treatment and recovery.

"Now, a new article published in the January installment of Healthy Psychology Review has taken a deep dive into a growing field of research to try and see how well drawings of an illness correspond to how patients think of their illness, how they'll cope, and ultimately how likely they are to get healthy again."

I started Soma Sketch, because I believed this to be true. I am more than overjoyed to see the scientific community start to recognize and document this as a legitimate and useful practice. As a lifelong somatizing patient, with complex trauma and a chronic syndrome, verbal-only communication with any health professional has always been a bit of a crapshoot for me. And as I suspected: I am definitely not alone in this. While the WEF article cites patient understanding of their own illness as the most beneficial aspect, perhaps doctor empathy and understanding of the patient also has a lot to do with improved outcomes.

Looking forward to collaborating with and supporting the scientific community as this new field of research and practice begins to take hold.

Another excerpt to leave you off with:

  • "One important, but often neglected, factor in the transition from sickness to health is in how patients perceive and understand their illness.

  • It's challenging for physicians to gain insight into the mental and physical state of their patients."

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